5 Bengali Cuisines You Should Must Try Now!


We love Bengali cuisines for their larger than ever zeal for life, having a creative view towards anything, adoring Tagore and of course their Chaer Adda (Gossips over Tea) 😛

But they have some pretty amazing Lip-smacking cuisines which would blow your mind right away and must be on every foodie’s try list! Have a look 🙂

Five Bengali Cuisines


This Bengali Cuisine made of all types of veggies is a must have in almost every Bengali’s lunch. Having Veggies like Plantain, Brinjal, potatoes and others comprising into a thick curry like delicacy is an absolute delight to eat!

Bengalis Recipe- Shukto

Image Source: Shukto

Bhetki Macher Paturi

 Another must have Bengali Delicacy. Served especially in weddings, the fish is mainly coated by Mustard paste, with a tinge of grated coconut and green chilies and is slow cooked by wrapping it in a banana leaf. Totally agreeable if you smack on it having more than one after you try 😛

Bhekti Macher Paturi

Image Source: Macher Paturi

Potol er Dolma

Believe me you, I know how boring Pointed Gourd (Parval) can be, but the way it is prepared in this recipe will totally live up your souls! Stuffed with mashed paneer, chilies, salt, pepper and some other veggies, this is another cuisine which you’ve got to try the next time you plan to eat Bengali food.

Potol er Dolma

Image Source: Dolma

Chingri Macher Malai Curry 

 The next time you visit any Bengali friend of yours, just utter the word Chingri (Prawn) and see them explaining to you how much they love it 😛 (Seriously, We do!) A must have a dish under Bengali traditional food, this prawn dish is ready to fill you up with joy! Sauteed Prawn with thick coconut gravy and mustard goes to one word – Yummy!!

Chingri Macher Malai Curry

Image Source: Chingri Macher Malai Curry

Aloo Posto

Don’t we all have a Potato Lover sense in all of us? I know I do 😛 I’m sure you guys will too after you try this Bengali Delicacy, made of boiled potatoes and Poppy seeds garnished with Chillies. Totally Spellbound!

Aloo Posto

Image Source: Aloo Posto

So the next time anyone of you has a plan on munching Bong Cuisines, go for these! I am sure you all would love it 🙂

Till then, Aaschi 🙂 

(That’s just a way of wishing Goodbye, will see you soon :D)

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