Basics Of Spirituality: Some Troubling Questions


Navneel Maji

The world both inner and outer is illusory. The outer world is based on the beliefs, which I do not know how it arose in us – maybe as a child or through DNA. The inner world is also illusory based on the idea that there is someone there inside of us have the free will to do, to think and reflect. Maybe there is no fundamental difference between the inner and the outer. How can anyone say there is consciousness? Why does something need to exist at all?


If one looks hard and ponders over again, one finds many things that they should have realized long ago, but could not as there was never a choice. People are driven by ambition. The more ambitious one gets the more praise we receive from the people outside, the more we run. We run and run, but where is there to go? We are all in here, and everything can be lost in one moment. We use so much of our tie-in building things after things and piling up our possession to no purpose. Is this what life is supposed to be?


We are given the impressions that knowledge about the world has stark differences, and to be put in categories. Say, for example, the biology is thought to be different from physics. However, when looked closely, at the organism, the molecules, and how they interact. We find that the biology is the physics of organic molecules and the same way physics is biology of nonliving objects. Can it be true of all things? Is it true that all things are connected in some ways or other? This is one of the pillars of Spirituality.

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