Bail Khan! Salman Khan, one of the biggest Bollywood stars, who was sentenced to 5 years in Jodhpur Central jail in 20-year-old case of hunting of two blackbucks on Thursday, was granted bail today. He has to submit two bonds of Rs. 25,000 each and cannot leave the country without court’s permission. He will also have to appear in court on 7 may, exactly a month after his bail.

Rampal Bhawad, state president of Bishnoi Tiger Force, said they are disappointed with the decision of the court to grant bail to Salman Khan and said they plan to challenge it in the high court.

After the sentencing verdict was announced on Friday many of the eminent Bollywood personalities and Salman’s fans believed that for a person who does so much charity work 5 years in jail was a harsh punishment. Many fans of Salman Khan celebrated outside the jail after hearing the verdict. It is astonishing how a single good deed could cover up one’s crimes.

Although in the midst of Salman’s fandom, the one person who did see past Salman’s good deeds was rebel Congress leader Shehzad Poonawalla. He says, ‘he is disappointed that the system can never be used this efficiently by the poor man to get bail this fast’.

Till now 5 cases have been reported against Salman Khan all ended up being not his fault. But why? According to Salman’s fans and Bollywood’s eminent personalities, someone is framing Salman Khan.

Someone is plotting against him but who is this someone and why is it that someone always targets Salman Khan only? In the support of Salman, Sonu Sood tweets “the sad duty of politics is to establish justice in a sinful world”.

But the reality is “it’s the duty of justice to be free from politics, give an unbiased judgement and punish the criminal no matter who he/she is or what he/she is worth (in monetary terms).”

A society where it takes months, even years for a common man to get bail, Salman Khan’s bail only took two days. Salman Khan on his first night in jail was provided with all the necessities, from an air cooler to cigarettes. Also, his family and friends were allowed to meet him outside the official visiting hours whereas other inmates don’t even have the right to good food. In school, everyone is taught how everybody is equal in the eyes of justice but is it really? And if it is why all high profile criminals are given special treatment.





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