“Bahubali: The Conclusion“ – is going to hit theaters on 26th April


I knew what’s bugging your mind since you watched “Bahubali: The Beginning”. Why Katappa killed Bahubali? Even while reading this post you may be guessing an answer for that. Now just stop it, since you can get answers to all your questions on 26th of this month.


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“Bahubali: The Conclusion” is the continuation of Bahubali 1st part. Bahubali 2nd part is directed by S.S.Rajamouli and starred by stunning Prabhas, monstrous Rana and gorgeous Anushka Shetty, milky beauty Thammana. Guess what it’s just not another commercial movie, it is next level of Indian films. You can even compare it to Jame’s Cameron “Avatar” in terms of visual effects; trust me that’s not any exaggeration. It took nearly 2 years to bring this movie to theatres. It is the second most expensive movie in terms of budget i.e. 200 crores after Rajinikanth’s “Robo 2.0”.

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Its songs were launched in an audio event on 26th March at Hyderabad. While speaking about the film, its chief graphical designer told it took nearly whopping 2 trillion pixels to finish it. This is the first movie in India to be featured in Virtual Reality (VR) at full length. It is said that nearly 2000 theatres are going to upgrade their screens to the 4K resolution before its release.

Here’s a small VR video launched by the film crew in movie sets, watch it on your VR headset.Since it is a 360° video you can view it any angle.That’s jaw dropping and I’m sure you haven’t seen anything like that.

Finally, Indian films are going to set new standards at International film arena with Bahubali 2nd part. Now we need not visit Amsterdam to watch a Virtual Reality movie since you are able to watch it in your homeland. I won’t expect anything less from fabulous “Makkhi” and “Bahubali” director S.S.Rajamouli but another box office banging film.


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