This Awesome Blog About Social Issues Is A Real Eye-Opener!

views, scrolling and visiting to new blogs through Quora and Google, i stumbled upon a new website called The Slutty Savitri,and i just clicked to know more about what they are focusing on, and what i found was a real eye-opener, they are including the topics in there blogs which people don’t wanna talk about, or are scared to talk about in public, like Prostitution, LGBTQIA+ in India or Mental, Emotional, Physical and Sexual Abuse of Men, Women and Children, some of the articles blew away my mind, and some of them, made me cry!

It made me realise that the sophisticated society we are living in is, actually surviving on denial and hiding from the issues, we are not comfortable to talk about!

I am listing some of their amzing articles below:

Sex workers and HIV infection: A match made in hell

Can Men Be Victims of Domestic and Emotional Violence? Hell Yeah!

Boys Don’t Cry: How These Words Have Ruined My Life

Meet Shakti, a Trans Woman who has some valid points to make.

And the most brave thing about this website is, that they do not fear what they talk about, i loved there writing pattern, and the way the portray their articles around stories and news which makes it really enjoyable to read!

They even have a hindi column, in which they write opinions on day to day life, and it seems funny and at the same time is seems bold, they are calling it suttebaaz laundiya, which i think is quite creative too!

कभी तो ऐसा लगता है इंसानियत मर गई है, फिर कभी लगता है तड़फड़ा रही है, दम तोड़ने वाली है, उफ़्फ़!

I will personally suggest you to give them a visit, so you can look at the rainbow of articles, they create with their pen!

You can also follow their social connects:


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