Avni’s Death/Murder Likely to Spark Worldwide Protest


Avni, the tigress was killed in Maharashtra on charges that she charged towards a group of people and maybe with an intention to kill. She was shot which led to her death. But her death have generated a large round of debate as according to many Avni was killed without any proper reason. Although her death is being labeled as a self defense effort by the shooter, many are finding it hard to accept.

It is true that Avni was known to be dangerous and violent. The tigress, officially known as T1 and believed to be responsible for the deaths of 13 people in the past two years, was shot dead by sharp-shooter Asgar Ali in the Borati forest in Maharashtra’s Yavatmal district on Friday as part of an operation. But according to many the number of deaths she was linked to led to her own death too. The circumstances in which she was killed guaranteed no self defensive step by Ali, it was just a way to stop any further cases of human deaths by Avni in the area.

Following the killing the attention of the world has been turned to Maharashtra. Wildlife lovers and enthusiasts of not only India, but from around the world are reportedly preparing to stage a mass protest on November 11. People from Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Kolkata along with people from UK, US, Canada etc are expected to be a part of this protest.

Man-animal conflict is a common issue in areas where humans and wild animals live close to each other. But it doesn’t mean that we kill the animals. I think that the greater fault for such conflicts fall on us humans. It is us, who unable to curb our greed for more resources have ventured into their homes and even destroyed them to a great length. If we destroy their habitats obviously they will come out to ours. So if we want to stop such encounters in the future we need to find a way to secure and provide a safe and good living place for our wildlife. Let’s not let Avni’s death go in vain and let us use it as an example of the emergency with which we need to do something about our wildlife urgently!

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