Greetings guys! Today we are gonna learn about a technology that most of us use almost every day. It is – AUGMENTED REALITY.

You might have started thinking that, “I have not even heard this fancy word called AUGMENTED. But you use it every day. How is it possible?” We will answer many such questions in this article. So stay tuned!
Augmented Reality
First, let’s know the meaning of the word “Augmented”. Generally, “Augmented means adding effects to some original matter. To make it look more effective or more beautiful. “I think you already started to realize the applications of this technology.
In recent past, Augmented Reality has become very famous owing to its high effectiveness in the real life scenarios. People have seemed to have adored AR more than the Virtual Reality. Due to which the IT firms are coming up with more of the AR touch to the applications than that of the VR.

So let’s look at the most commonly used Augmented Reality applications:-
1. Snapchat – Yeah! The different frames that you’ve been using to enhance your photograph and boost the number of likes on the social media –  is actually an implication of the Augmented Reality.

Did you know snapchat was developed in the year 2011 itself?

Do you also feel that it was just recently that you felt snapchat came into existence? Then like and share the article.
2. Pokémon Go is the biggest hit in the Augmented reality-based mobile game. It allows users to discover and capture Pokémon around their real environment. So, it insists users step outside and explore the world. After the Ingress, this is another big AR app developed by Niantic, published by Nintendo. The game has driven people crazy by allowing them to catch monsters, train them, fight them, collect them and explore the dream (now real) world of Pokémon.

Penang, Malaysia – August 13, 2016: Close of a man holding a smartphone with his left hand playing Pokemon Go game on the stair. On the screen of the smartphone is a Pokemon character  “Sand screw”.

There are much more AR applications that you might have come across but these were two of the most-used applications.
We are all living in the age where every person wants some adventure in their lives. So, in the quest for finding exhilaration in life, People have moved onto the AR. And soon every application developed for the smartphones would come equipped with an AR version of it. But it is also necessary that we realize how beautiful the actual world is and start living in it with full involvement.

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