Attitudes that pushes you away from happiness.

Attitude Happiness

When everything goes wrong in our life, where the mistakes happen? Either with us or with our fate. A quote states “Life is 10% What Happens to You and 90% How You React to it.”

Self-negative talk
Everyone is familiar with this. Yes, positive attitude drives you to success. When you demotivate yourself you come under backlist people. Negative talk drags you into a pool of inferiority complex. When you fell, it’s really hard to get rid of it. It diminishes all of your potential and capability. Even it decreases your confidence level. It restricts from self-development and pulls you down from the ladder of success. It makes you gain poor self-esteem, and you probably lose attitude toward hard work. As long as negative talk exist, success always stays away.

Dissatisfaction and complaints
The most poisonous attitude is dissatisfaction and complaints. Seriously, when you don’t get satisfied with life, nothing can make you happy. On other hand, complaints. These two come hand in hand. Complaints are raised when your heart feels dissatisfied. Even when you get more than you deserve, you will be tempted to spot out mistakes and search for another option. Thereby, this could never make you happy and peaceful. When you aren’t grateful for what you have, nothing can bring you joy. Complaints not only crash you but also your relationships. When you frequently complaints about your partner or any other relation, It never lasts forever. People get hurt and move away.

Devil relationships
We humans easily get attracted by things which are more dangerous in its end, but heaven in process. That’s the human heart is programmed literally. So, when such relationships dominate, you intentionally get into unnecessary attitudes and behaviours which is completely unhealthy for our heart and soul. You will start to migrate vigorously
You and your beliefs are tempted to show it to your other colleagues and friends. Therefore, your profile gets worse, and you lose your social status and respect from the society. No opportunity comes near you, in another way No door will be available for you to enter the state of well being. You lose your good wishes and all your people who love you more than you do.

Remaining backdated
Of course yes, when you don’t update yourself according to the trend and society, mandatorily you are pushed away from the crowd. This because when the whole group is expert with the trend, you are spotted as a loser. This thereby increases your fear towards the upcoming challenges waiting for you. So, eventually fear leads to failures. You, yourself start to stay away from the challenges and obstacles in order to get free from rejections. Backdated is more important than being intelligent. You can win your circle with knowledge but not the world. Learning the trend and living through it can only give you real success. When you once feel inferior to others, a hard process is needed to get over it. Sticking within your circle is worthless.

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Thereby, learn to be strong enough to face problems with positive attitude.





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