Are You Mentally Healthy ?


Think before you answer yourself the question entitled. Do you really consider yourself a mentally healthy person? Well, you may consider yourself as one despite being not which as a matter of fact is quite normal. Before I move ahead, let me clear as to what does being mentally healthy mean.

Being mentally healthy is all about attaining a healthy level of psychological well-being. It can also be considered as the absence of all kinds of mental illness and disorders. As per the U.K. surgeon general, mental health is all about the successful performances of mental function which result in productive activities.

In the paceful competitive world today, forget about elders and responsible people, even the kids living through the best phase of life, the childhood also suffer stress and undergo depression which makes mental health awareness an all time important issue to discuss and know about.

Everyday the list of people complaining about mental stress is continously increasing more than ever before. While many people courageously come forward and report of their pribkems, there are also people who feel hesitant to speak about their problems and avoid discussing such issues.

Stepping to help such people is never a wrong task and it’s never too late to help one.  We just need to keep ourselves open to knowledge and be aware about the common guidelines that we need to cope out or help others cope out of the mental illness. Its always better if the problems are detected at an early stage. There are a few guides and helplines free and staffed by professionals which can help poeple live a happy life.

There is an urgent need of recognising mental illness before it starts affecting no just the suffer but also his close ones. Here, I have listed up a few warning signs and symptoms of poor mental health that you shouldn’t ever ignore:

1: Isolation- some extrovert people all of a sudden start avoiding social calls. This act of them may be a warning sign of mental illness. Try to approach and talk to them for once just to ensure if they are all well.

2: Lack of personal hygeine- this point may seem illogical at first,but it really tells the most about mental health. If a person loving hygiene starts behaving unlike his regular behaviour. This may be a big warning sign.

3: Fatigue: if a personal starts going sleepless for days and does not feel sleepy along day long and nights as well. This may be a sign of them not being well. They may stay up thinking something a little too much, which may disturb their health.

4: Mood swings: sudden, unexpected changes in the moods can be a result or symptom of illness.

5: Risky behaviour: this symptom is often not found in all the sufferers. Destructive behaviour and addiction to alcohol and drugs may be a sign.

6: Trouble-concentrating: depression and other mental illness make people trouble concentrated. The depressing thoughts prevent any other thoughts from entering the brain. Sufferer thus, ends up overthinking one particular issue and gets disturbed.

7: Avoiding/ running away from responsibilities: continuous absence at work, school and failure/overlooking in fulfillment of the responsibilities they were once great at may be a warning symptom.

The mentioned afore signs and symptoms are not always compulsorily the warning of mental illness. But these signs are something to be kept in mind if someone is going through a tough phase of life. These symptoms through your observation could help someone lead a happy life.


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