Are Mobile phones killing authenticity?


Whether we admit it or not smartphones have become an inseparable part of our lives. Knowingly or unknowingly we have become so used to it that imagining a life without these gadgets and smart apps are quite difficult for our generation.


Our perception that something is or isn’t authentic can evoke an emotional or even visceral response for good or bad. It can make us angry, sad, happy, reflective or even get us to buy something.

Toddlers, youngsters as well as others too have a thing for smartphones as well as other AI-based gadgets. But it’s killing us and our authenticity.

Social media plays an important part here, no one knows whom you are talking to, who sees what u share, where your personal data is used etc.

Transparency is a major issue here. The amount of time we spend talking face-to-face is on the decline. In 2006, we spent 86% of our total communication time talking face-to-face; by 2010, this proportion decreased to 72%. As workforces become digitized and we increasingly rely on our phones and computers to communicate, this number is bound to continue falling. Even when we do talk to others in person, the mere presence of a mobile phone can damage the conversation.

We also use phones to avoid talking to people around us. Have you ever pulled out your phone while waiting for a friend at a bar? We also use phones to avoid audibly talking to nearby friends; 45% of people have used their phone to call someone in the next room. This could either be a symptom of laziness or just a social reaction to being in a room full of people using their phones.

Despite the trend toward increased mobile conversation, there are some things we still prefer to do in person: seven of 10 people prefer face-to-face contact when asking out a potential date. At least we humans can do one thing right.

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