The field of medical research is a fast-paced and exciting one, while also resulting breakthroughs which promise to heal the humanity as a whole. We are all aware of the benefits and progress of modern healthcare. In a new such breakthrough, researchers believe that the key to the management of type-1 diabetes could be an artificial pancreas.

Diabetes mellitus type 1 is a form of diabetes where the beta cells of the pancreas are not able to properly produce insulin. Insulin is a type of peptide hormone that is responsible for the absorption of glucose from the blood. But if an autoimmune reaction destroys the cells, it may result in the inability to produce insulin, resulting in complications such as diabetes.

To manage this problem, researchers believe that artificial pancreas can be used. This technology is quite similar to the mechanism of dialysis, used to manage kidney problems. The artificial pancreatic system continuously monitors the blood sugar levels, transmits this information to the insulin pump, which calculates the precise amount of insulin that has to be released into the bloodstream. This may keep the blood sugar levels normal for an extra 2.5 hours. This research clearly has a lot of foreseeable benefit for people suffering from diabetes and humanity as a whole.

However, endocrinologists and diabetes specialists in India have several doubts about the accessibility of this new breakthrough, believing that this may be way too expensive for the normal Indian patient. But, we can expect that the prices will eventually drop, like with all other technologies, since the research about this mechanism is still in its initial stages. It is to be seen how far this technology can be developed and whether or not it becomes as popular and accessible as dialysis.

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