The first time I gave you a piece of my heart, I ripped it out from the small of my back where you first placed your hand, I made it red with all the colour from me, you held it in your hands as if it was made of glass, touched it as if it was a fragile artifact that  might shatter with your breaths, you looked into my eyes and promised to keep it safe and protected.

The next time I offered you a bite of my heart, we were sitting a little far apart and I could see this offering as a truce for our love. I scratched it out from the walls of my ribs and packed it with all the cartilage of my being, for you to stay was more important than me alive. You were a little less careful with it, (Guess the truce didn’t work both ways with one-sided peace offering)you held it with your mud laden hands and kept it in your pocket, you looked into my eyes and told me you will clean it up later.

The third time I handed you a piece of heart, I could feel the burn of lost flesh on my chest, it had barely started to pain but somehow my body was already trying to get used to it. I ripped out a large part from the muscles and placed it in your hands, You burnt the edge of it with your cigarette and charred it with smoke, you tossed it in the back seat and pulled me close and whispered in my hair that you’ll fix it later, for now, you want me.


The fourth time I gave you a taste of my heart I knew there was no stitching it back together, no surgery of head or heart could bring me back from this, no way a heart could beat sense in me. All of it was now yours to keep, even if you chose to keep it in the dark hallways of your house.

The last time I gave you a bite of my heart your eyes turned dark and your hands ached, you took it from my palm and swallowed it down ( like all the pieces before that) I told you it was the last portion I had and I need to get it all back , you shook your head and when I asked you where the other pieces were, you pointed at your chest. It was the darkest black hole I had ever seen, you took pieces of my heart and made yourself whole, guess I should have known, that just like everyone else, once I started offering my heart you’ll also bite by bite eat it all.


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