AOL Messenger

  •   Harshita Grover  

“One who can sense the essence in love; they can feel the drops of warmth that love sprinkles onto ones soul”.

Distance cannot part two people if their love is as deep as an ocean. But sometimes distance has to be covered by being in touch with one another. Jackson and Jennie were madly in love with each other. The courtship lasted for long seven years. One day, Jackson decides to shift to Bangalore. This news leaves a very disturbing impact upon Jessie. Words appeared insufficient to deal with the continuous misunderstandings that both were facing. He not only decides to ‘move out’ but also to ‘move away’ from Jessie. Jackson is an extrovert, fun- loving person. He usually remains pre-occupied by his huge circle of friends. On the other side- Jessie is an introvert, caring and sensitive person. She has completely devoted herself to him. Jessie feels torned and her heart wretches and weeps for Jackson after he moves away from her.

6 months later.

One day Jackson and Jessie were online using AOL Messenger. It was 3:00 am and Jessie was unable to sleep because she was madly and badly missing Jackson. She felt like messaging him, but resisted because they were not on the same page any more. Surprisingly, Jackson’s message appears on her AOL screen. He doesn’t directly ask her anything and tries to initiate a conversation.

JACKSON: Hey Jessie! Do you still like to read novels?

JESSIE: Yes, I do

JACKSON: Why you didn’t sleep till now/?

JESSIE: Nothing

JACKSON: Tell me

JESSIE: I don’t want to bother you.

JACKSON: Are u fine?


JACKSON: No you are not. You can share with me. I am here to listen.

JACKSON: I am coming home tomorrow. Would you like to meet?

JESSIE: Sure, would love to see you.



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