Anup Jalota became ‘Dilfenk Rajkumar’, Kriti-Roshmi became the first captain


On Thursday, the process of selecting the captain of this season in the ‘Big Boss’ house was processed. At the beginning of the day, Anoop Jalota appeared to be working on the treadmill and Jasleen was shocked to get ready before coming back. After this, ‘Big Boss’ announced the first captaincy task in the house and praised the girls’ hard work in the last task and gave the opportunity to the first captain of the house to the fans only. Bigg Boss gave a chance to singles and couples to choose their respective candidates.

Single came members chose Deepika Kakad as their candidate with mutual consent. On the other hand, the pair had to choose between one of the pairs of Soma-Sabah and Kasti-Roshami, but they could not get a mutual consent. Later, when the Big Boss gave more time, these two couples talked with each other and Kriti-Roshmi promised Somi-Saba that if he becomes Captain and if he gives any power to the Big Boss, then he will be benefited from these Khan Sisters Will give to On this, Somi and Saba make work and Roshmi as contenders.

‘Big Boss’ gives a task to make the captain, which makes Anoop Jalota a heartfelt prince, who has a bouquet of roses. Deepika and Kriti-Roshami couple, in any way, pleased Rajkumar Anup and would like to take these roses in the prize, and the competitor, who is more secure, will be the winner in this task.

For this work, Jasleen was made the wazir of Anoop. In the Task where Kriti and Roshmi dance to please Rajkumar, Jasleen asked Roshmi to swim to make Raja Anup happy. At the end of the task, Rajkumar Anoop Jalota gave Deepika Kakkad the highest number of roses, but only then Romil and Deepak snatched this rose and hidden in the bathroom. After all this, the entire house was started to get back these roses. But in the end, Kriti and Roshmi pair became the first winner of this task to become the first captain of the house.


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