Superstition basically is a pejorative term for any belief or practise that is considered irrational. It is also considered as belief which cannot be explained by science. The debased arts which are considered to be the best example of superstition is magic or fortune-telling. In this technologically advanced era, where things are changing at an alarming rate, some people still have backward and irrational thinking.

Their views to see the mishappenings occurring in their lives take them towards irrelevant beliefs such as fortune-tellers or any person who thinks he can depict someone’s future and eradicate the problems which are going to come in a persons life. Superstition is the dark face of our society which has no valid reasons that can prove its existence.

“Come out and go and wash off, wash again and again until you are cleansed of all the superstitions that have clung to you through the ages” famous sayings by Swami Vivekananda which reveals the dark side of the society and their irrational beliefs. Swami Ji says that we should wash with trust and faith till then until all the myths have vanished from our hearts and mind. Most common spooky myths are:- a black cat is a bit of bad luck, breaking a mirror will give you seven years of bad luck, knocking on wood will bring good luck, opening an umbrella indoors will bring bad luck. What is the logic behind these thinking, no one of us can run away from his destiny? God is our creator and he is the mastermind of our life, whatever happens in our life is because of gods will. A person has no right on his own life, but we humans are moving on a path where we have created our own gods for our comfortability. No one on this earth can depict a person exact future.

The major question arises in this fact is why people try to walk on such a path which have no sign of existence? The answer to this question is when people feel the world is out of their control, they look for external sources of control – superstitions are really a reaction to feeling out of control. People like to put a sense of control around chaos or uncertainty. People like to have the idea that they can make a sense of the world and predict what will happen to them. Superstitions serve as external explanations for seemingly casual events.

At last, I would like to sum up on a positive note that these kinds of myths have no meanings and they don’t exist. It’s the social pressure which forces us to believe in such things. One should never lose his hope and trust in almighty because whatever he does is for our good so never ever a person should change his path due to these beliefs. Faith in itself is a power which can change our bad into the good ones so have faith in yourself and on god and try to promote humanity.


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