Anil Kapoor Talks About Daughter Sonam’s Marriage


Rumours about Sonam Kapoor and Anand Ahuja’s wedding have been humming around for some time now. As per reports, they will get married on May 8, in Mumbai.

There has been a consistent buzz about where the sangeet, mehendi and saath phera would be held. Be that as it may, Sonam has stayed tight-lipped about the reports.

Anil Kapoor’s home was as of late beautified, and this further fuelled the bits of gossip. At a current occasion, Kapoor stated, “Media has dependably been with me and my family when we started our vocations. We will share everything at the perfect time. Soon you all will know. We won’t conceal these points of interest. You will know why there is lighting outside the house.”

Whispers about Sonam and Anand’s wedding have been doing the rounds since March. At first, there were reports that the couple would get married in Geneva. In any case, they settled on Mumbai at long last.

As of late, Sonam opened up about her fantasy wedding to The National. “I think the entire thought of a marriage is more speaking to me than a wedding. I think there is excessively cash spent; it’s all exceptionally raunchy, and I would rather give that cash away. I’d preferably have a wedding at home than anyplace else.

I believe it’s vital to do every one of the customs, yet I don’t put stock in spending all that cash, I think that its nauseating and exceptionally inefficient, and I’m not alright with that by any stretch of the imagination.”



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