• Ayushi Jaiswal 

Ever wondered how powerful a thing as small as a pen can be and how effective and impactful the Spartan words from our regular vocabulary can be when brought into life through a pen. This is where we happen to realize how influencing can a pen be. The after-effects of those written words are far beyond explanation. With its small size, a pen can help us accomplish the humongous and extravagant milestones that a mighty edged sword cannot. What a war always ends in nothing above loss, sufferings and bloodshed of the lives as well as the resources. While on the other hand, writing has always been a gift to mankind.

One of the finest phrases from our English literature complimenting the power of a pen, “the pen is mightier than the sword”, penned by the great playwright Edward Bulwer-Lytton in the mid-nineteenth century, is so sober yet a great way of emphasizing the mightiness this little thing hold. It implies a pen is very powerful and that its power is just enormous. From the earliest times, the edgy sword has played an important part in human history with its great valour and success in wars. The pen, on the other hand, is quite simple and slow, and people often fail to take into notice its powerful influence and greater success. Man finds it hard even to imagine that a pen can have any power to earn them victories and hailing like the sword. However, the pen has been constantly working all along with greater success.

The title phrase,” the pen is mightier than the sword” means that “the writers of the world, though invisibly exercise a greater influence upon people than soldiers.” It acknowledges that we often think violence is the source of strength, but it is actually the art of writing that is stronger. Celebrating the power of writing, it emphasizes the fact that the mighty warriors and the fear of the words cannot build the impact that the words of great writers can on people’s mind. The warriors fought with swords and won battles. The power of sword did build vast empires in the history, but these were built on the back of killing thousands of enemies and thus did not last forever, but the works of the pen do not die and last forever in the pages and memories. Just as every coin has two aspects, even the sword can be used optimistically. Fighting when done with a good view, in the end, brings peace too. Sir Lincoln too fought to abolish slavery, an evil system which ruled over many countries. After all, the use of a sword or an aggressive purpose is a great crime. However, for a good purpose, it can be good to a degree.

The pen far surpasses its power of doing good to all human beings. Warriors have been sword and writers, the pen as their weapon. Swords can cause pain and misery. On the other hand, pens are the sources of joy, justice and happiness. Writers influence men more than that the fear of sword can. Great writers create immortal literature. This must be the reason why the works of Shakespeare are read and admired by the several generations. It’s a fact that men are more guided by the ideas than by physical forces. The mighty pens of a few freedom fighters ushered in the independence of our country by creating a passion for freedom and the teachings of Gandhi Ji made India free without any resources to the sword.

This all, in brief, indicates that the power of the press can be greater and more effective than that of direct violence. One shouldn’t underestimate the power of small things. They at times can have a stronger impact than the biggest things. The violence is destructive resulting in defeat, loss and death whereas writing brings peace and harmony and it is thus priceless. These are the days of wars and unrest. Today, people boast of higher civilization but are rapidly going back to the same callous and cruel savagery in the past. The fast developing technologies have placed in their hands’ many destructive weapons replacing the swords making them more horrible and inhuman. It is the sword that creates war killing people while it is the pen that understands their mind and heart.


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