One Shining Moment

For one shining moment we were kids…
Lest the next enveloped the air around us in rivalry,
The words ever spoken were of making money,
earning handsome, having blue- chip stocks.
Love and hatred meant more than just “acting to be cross”.
It took the face of demeaning others.
We didn’t realize that isolating the ones we liked a
little less was converting into our hobby.
No more sticks and stones or bricks and bones were
the cause of injuries.
The actual manifestation of the maleficent issues had
conquered out hearts.
Our success wasn’t getting star on cheeks or the
It was dragging others down and stepping up
escalating on them.
Heartbreaks and heartaches were the gist of our very
Before all this happened,
For one shining moment, WE WERE KIDS.

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