Kamal Nath has become the 18th Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh. Governor Anandiben Patel administered an oath to Kamal Nath. During the oath-taking ceremony of Kamalnath, an interesting picture was also seen. During the campaign, during the swearing-in ceremony between the Congress and the BJP, Zubani Jung showed an interesting sight. Meanwhile, former CM Shivraj Singh Chauhan was also present. The meeting of Shivraj Singh Chauhan and Kamal Nath attracted everyone’s attention. Kamal Nath was getting one by one from all the leaders present on the stage. When he reached near former Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan, his style was worth seeing. First, both the leaders joined hands and then they held each other’s hands and lifted it up in the air. During this time, Jyotiraditya Sidhiya, who was next to Shivraj Singh Chauhan, was seen taking up Shivraj’s hand while lifting his hand.

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