Under Donald Trump there no day no by when world headlines do not giggle about new genres of how America running under Trump era, every day this impetuous man shows his vibrant shades but that’s shocking, disgraceful and sometimes foolish. This impulsiveness of Trump made the American Government shut down from the last 23 days. This American Shutdown by far the 2 largest in the U.S history with regards to Mr Trump games.

Donald Trump put America on shut down mode for this own favourite ambition and promise he had made during elections to build a mighty wall on U, S Mexican border. the This dream project of Trump, made him demand fund from the Senate which is now under control of Democrats which no way in the mood to favours the Trump plans, He demands the $5.7bn but democrats is not Democrats in the Senate put him on hold by not in the mood to grant not much then $1b billion of fund for the wall making.

Donald Keep claiming the full backing and majority supports under the Republicans, but in reality, his claims are shattered because inside the republicans there is a huge split about proving shut down right or wrong.  The warnings from some of his own people like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate minority leader Chuck Summer about  how this shutdown tale responsibility and blame will put forward directly to President Trump own head  but the President happy to accept all blame and  bravely said ” I am proud to shut down the government for the border security

As the shutdown days passing by the troubles and some very serious one coming into the horizon and putting whole American system on hold. Nearly more than 1m federal workers are without the salaries and pays in hand or without any work risking getting unemployed.  Federal spending on very welfares schemes for poor like the pay for lunch and milk of infant also getting effecting, although spending on health and army is still infected.

But there are ways to end this shutdown lime.


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