eyes on Amarnath, Lashkar e Taiba

This is known as one of the most gruesome and horrifying terror attacks. Latest reports by senior police officer Munir Khan in Kashmir, said the Lashkar e Taiba terrorists led by Pakistani Abu Ismail are responsible for the unforgettable attacks on the Amarnath Yatris.

An Attack carried out by Lashkar e Taiba

There were five terrorists who were responsible for this brutal act. They came on two motorcycles and openly fired at a bus full of Amarnath pilgrims. This Incident took place on Monday night in Jammu and Kashmir. They chased the bus while continuously firing at it upto two points, after which they managed to escape. The attack killed 7 pilgrims, which includes women as the most, leaving 15 others injured.

Strong condemnation of the attack poured in from across the country. Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, is “pained beyond words” and strongly says that: “India will never get bogged down by such cowardly attacks and the evil designs of hate.” Also, Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister, Mehbooba Mufti said in a statement: “This is an assault on our values and traditions which we hold dear. We will leave no stone unturned to root out the perpetrators of this heinous crime.”

What Report Says

Reportedly, the bus was not a part of the official tour for the Yatra. Hence, There was no customary Police protection for that Bus. It had also, violated the rules of the pilgrimage, which bans buses from traveling after 7 pm on a highway for security reasons around the annual Yatra season. Further investigation says that due to a sudden breakdown of the bus, their time of return was delayed.

Amarnath Yatra Bus
Image Source: Amarnath Yatra Bus

As per reports by sources, the terrorists seem to have come with all preparation for a massacre of pilgrims, who were returning from the annual Amarnath Yatra because more than 100 empty cartridges were found at the site of the attack. Further, on June 25, a letter from a senior police officer had warned of an intelligence input saying that: “terrorists have been directed to eliminate 100 to 150 pilgrims and about 200 police officers and officials”, and also that it could target a Yatra convoy, which would further result in the rise of communal tension across the nation.

The Belief is Still On

However, despite such a horrific attack, more than 3,000 pilgrims carried on exclaiming that, nothing could stop them from completing their pilgrimage. In order to maintain a tight security, There is an increase in the number of vehicles escorting the pilgrims by half.

The Belief is On
Image Source: The Belief

It is a shame to see so much hate and violence towards innocent victims. In fact, violence and terrorism are unacceptable anywhere around the world. We must all strongly condemn such a cowardly attack by Lashkar e Taiba. There are no words to describe the deep pain felt for the innocents. Our heart reaches out to the bereaved families and may the injured recover soon.

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