Allergic reaction transforms French woman’s head into “light bulb”


Nineteen-year-old French woman Estelle faced a gruesome ordeal when she used a hair dye to turn her blonde her into a dark colour. Shortly after Estelle had used a small amount of the hair dye on her scalp, her head began to swell. The next morning the head had enlarged to 63 cm from 55.8 cm which she described to give her head a “light bulb” shape. Her tongue also began to swell, making her breathing difficult, after which she rushed to a hospital.

Estelle’d allergic reaction was reportedly caused by a chemical called Paraphenylenediamine (PPD), which is present in many dark-coloured hair dyes. The allergic reaction could have been fatal. Fortunately, she had only done the much-advised patch test on a small area before considering it for full usage.


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