Since the summer is already here and hence it is the right time to get into a pool. All you need to do is wear your swimsuit and jump into a pool. Isn’t it that simple? Well, maybe not.

These days the market is growing at a rapid rate and beachwear has different colours, patterns, shapes, and variety of lengths. 

So, if the idea of shopping for beachwear makes you go a little uneasy, we can understand the pain. Whether a girl or a boy, both face some uneasiness with the beachwear. 

Hence, here we have highlighted the various types of beachwear for men and women – 

Types of beachwear for men – 

Swim Trunks – Swim Trunks ensures maximum comfort no matter what you do to them. Apart from being stylish and sporty, they can be worn on the beach as well as the house. They are usually above the knee and offers excellent comfort. 

Board Shorts – Being similar in shape of Swim Trunks, but is quite different. They are usually longer than swim trunk and rest below the knee. With a solid waistband, it is quite comfortable and easy to use. The increased length provides more water resistance. 

Jammers – Usually, Jammers are for swimmers, but they function at a very advanced level. They are intended to fit snugly and compress the body. They are mostly water-resistant and ensures that water flows from your body as smooth as possible. 

Briefs – Briefs compress the body and provide excellent coverage. It is used in case you want maximum movement and only covers a particular part. Being comfortable, they also offer the best experience. 

Swim Shirt – Swim shirt is a kind of shirt resembling a regular shirt but with long sleeves. Made up of waterproof material, these shirts provide coverage and protect you from casual swimming. They are specially designed to keep you away from the sun rays, and that is what makes them ideal for beachwear.

Know more about men beachwear and how women like to see men – 

Types of beachwear for women –

One-Piece Swimsuit – One-piece swimsuits usually gives a vintage look and is suitable for all body types. It flatters the body and helps women who do not want to flaunt their skin. It is best suited for curvy girls. 

Bikini – Bikini is an all-time favourite for beach girls. It is a two-piece suit which only covers the private parts. It is best suited for slim girls. 

Skirtini – Skirtini gives a coy look, and it is usually used for pool parties. It covers hips and thighs and helps in providing a smarter look. It is best suited for pear-shaped body and women with fuller legs. 

Tankini – Tankini is a set of a tank top with a bikini bottom. It gives a flattering and flawless look. The mid-age women can pick this style for the beach vacation. It is best suited for apple-shaped girls. 

Swim Dress – Swim Dress gives an elegant style, which makes it unique and flattering at the same time. It is best suited for pear-shaped women, having a heavy bottom. 

Hence, the above list of beachwear should help you to suit one. We believe wearing a beachwear requires a lot of confidence for any body-shape. And if you are confident enough, it will radiate in what you are wearing.

Now you can easily buy beachwear for women at an affordable price.

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