Imagine a room brimming with eager minds and curious hearts, a room filled with your idols eager to share ideas and watch them being toyed around with, imagine a room where there are no limitations and ideas that push boundaries are being created. It sounds great, doesn’t it? Now imagine, this room with all its creativity and ideas coming to life. 

TEDxShivNadarUniversity aims to bring you this and so much more. The past three editions of the conference have aimed to deliver to you the idea, the ideas can be born anywhere, anytime. This, edition we are going bigger and better. The theme of this year’s conference titled, Blindspots aims at provoking us to look beyond what the eye sees, to see the images that dance in the dark and to seek what lays hidden from the naked eye. 

Packed with speakers that will cause you to open your mind to ideas you never thought of before, performers that will delight your senses and food that will cause your taste buds to explode; we promise you a conference you won’t want to forget. So, save the date for this 17th of November 2019, TEDxShivNadarUniversity brings you the most awaited TEDx conference of Delhi-NCR – Blindspots


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