All You Need to Know About Motor Vehicle (Amendment) Bill, 2018


The government amends and passes the Motor Vehicle ( Amendment ) Bill each year after the Lok Sabha session. the same story repeats this year too. But the difference between this year and the other years is that this year this bill faces a large opposition. Protest against some of the clauses incorporated in the bill have started throughout the country and many have expressed their grievances against it. Although yet to be passed by the Rajya Sabha, the Motor Vehicle (Amendment) Bill has been already passed by the Lok Sabha; hence there are very little chances of any changes to be brought into it.

Some of the important clauses and amendments included in the said bill area:-

  1. One should be Aadhar holder to obtain a driving license and vehicle registration.
  2. Government compensation for hit-and-run cases has been increased from 25,000 to 2 lakh.
  3. For any type of traffic violation/ offense committed by a juvenile, the guardian will be held responsible unless and until their complete unawareness about the act is proven. The registration if the involved vehicle in such cases will be immediately canceled and the offender will be charged under the Juvenile Justice Act.
  4. There are also provisions for the protection of good souls in this bill. Anyone who helps any trafficking victim will not be charged or questioned for anything. They can also keep their identities hidden if they want to.
  5. The increase in numerous fines are as listed below:-
  • Drunk driving – From Rs 2,000 to Rs 10,000.
  • Rush driving – From Rs 1,000 to Rs 5,000.
  • Driving without a license – From Rs 500 to Rs 5000.
  • Over-speeding – From Rs 400 to Rs 1,000 – 2,000.
  • Not wearing a seatbelt – From Rs 100 to Rs 1000.
  • Talking on mobile while driving – From Rs 1000 to Rs 5000.

6. Alteration of vehicles to make them specially abled person friendly will be mandatory.

7. Any accidents caused due to faulty construction or poor maintenance of roads will hold all the people related to it responsible.

8. The Bill removes the cap on liability for third-party insurance. The 2016 Bill had capped the maximum liability at Rs 10 lakh in case of death and Rs 5 lakh in case of grievous injury.

9. The time allotted for renewal of a driving license is being increased from 1 month to 1 year from the date of expiry.

10. Any manufacturer of motor vehicles can be fined up to Rs 500 crore if them using faulty parts in machines is proven.

There are many other changes in traffic rules and regulations that will be brought about if the bill is passed by the Rajya Sabha and implemented. I just hope that the massive amount of traffic accidents see a declining trend due to this.


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