Raazi Box Office: ‘Unstoppable’ Alia Bhatt Has Over 51 Crore Reasons To Smile


Alia Bhatt is one of the youngest but most talented stars to grace the silver screen. Daughter of film producer Mukesh Bhatt, Alia started her career at the tender age of 17 with the film Student of the Year which did major business at the box office.

Following her debut, Alia has acted in multiple films with increasing success and grace. She is someone who loves experimenting with her acting and is known to choose challenging parts. Adding another gem to the shining tire of acclamation is her latest release. ‘Raazi’, a film based on the true story of an Indian girl spy, worth our money.

The chain of events that Raazi is based on occurred just before and during the war for Bangladesh’s independence fought between India and Pakistan during 1971. The protagonist Sehmat, a girl of 20 years of age hailing from Kashmir and studying in Delhi University is thrashed into the world of intelligence and spying by her own father, who himself is a spy too. She marries a man from one of the prominent military families of Pakistan and carries on her duty to her country by sending intels facing many risks and dangers.

This film is neither pro – India nor is it anti – Pakistan. It simply depicts to is the lives of spies who have to risk their all for the service of their cause and country. For them, the concept of ‘personal’ ceases to exist. It seems as if every step they put forth, every breath they take is for the attainment of their goal. Although this film is banned in Pakistan, I see no cause for it as shows nothing evil against the country. It simply provides us with a view of the crucial role spies play in the wars.

The story of ‘Raazi’ is very tragic and the concluding dialogue – ” Wars end but the casualties of wars keep on living till long after the war is over” – is enough to give us a holistic understanding of the nature wars and the way it impacts the lives people associated with it.

Acting is a very tough job. It may seem easy to the spectators, but those associated with it will know the amount of hard work, practice and energy it takes to perfect a role. And when you are to portray a real-life character the job becomes much more difficult. The role that Alia Bhatt took up for this film is of a time much before her birth but she does complete justice to it. As she herself said in her interview in ” Aap Ki Adalat”, a lot of preparations, endurance and hard work went in the making of the film and into her character. But as it is said ‘hard work always pays off’ and it really did in this case too.

Alia did complete justice to her role and the film altogether. It is hard to imagine anyone else in her place. Released on 11th May 2018, this film is still riding its waves of success at the box office. It became an instant hit the moment it was released and have done a business of more than Rs. 51.24 crores as till the 6th day of its release.

We wish the film to be even more successful and do much more business in the days to come. Good luck to let those who are associated with the project!


  1. Very well played by all the actors. The entire ensemble of acting, directing, the story falls in together to create a nice story. Bollywood is slowly coming of age in having good stories. On Box Office Raazi does well in the third weekend too, enters Rs. 100 Crore Club. I read this box office report at Bollywood Hungama news site which covers all kinds of Bollywood updates, so go to Bollywood Hungama.


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