After Life
  • Utkarsh Pandey

It was a morning, as it should be,

but I was in a bad mood, no one could see.

I locked myself into the room, to find,

how much life is left in me

I was ignoring  the knife

which I kept with me

I took that knife and gashed my wrist

The story is not over but it was all my life’s gist

soon my breath’s walked away, my heart stopped beating

my eye’s started snubbing, my ears started ignoring voices

but still, I could feel an emotion, yes its regret.

I succumbed to death, still I want to get up anyhow

but what can I do, I am a dead body now.


now I can see my brother running outside my room,

gathering the courage to tell everything to my father soon.

I could see my father calling my name with tearful eye’s

I could listen, my mother asking me “why did you do this”

I asked myself, “how could I end up here?” when it was the time to rise

I wanted to explain my omission, with all my heart I wanted to apologize anyhow

but I think its too late because I am a dead body now.


I can see my overfilled funeral with lots of advice

“that was to happen”,”please don’t cry, he won’t come back”

my father was standing silent,

carrying intense pain in shack of his heart

every question was pointing his upbringing

and it was all nailing me as dart.

I wanted to take all the blames I deserve

because it was the end of my physical reality, not my love

I wanted to live those moments again with my family anyhow

I know its all my fault and I am a dead body now.


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