Thoughts are influential to actions – Does it?!


Thoughts are irresistible to have. But those thoughts are more dangerous when it is not in our favour. Thoughts are contagious to our actions and results. Do you really believe in soul talk, if you do so, you could’ve experience it, at least you understand this process. One favourite quotation says, “Happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts!

Positivity and positive vibes will always triggers your mind and soul with fullest energy and enthusiasm. The more you think negative, the more you get a chance to drain yourself in opposite side of positivity. Thoughts are the master of our own emotions and feelings. It endures through our soul and heart and induces us to move with it. Obviously we fall for our heart and its sayings.

Thoughts define us. The way we think, the way we design our thoughts structure our character and soul beauty. At times, thoughts can even push you into the stage of depression and insomnia. Deep thoughts are even dangerous and addictive. Sometimes, over thinking may lead to expectations and which further disappointments. 

Expectations ruin and kill our relationships and time. If you really need to create remarkable moments in your life, terminate all your negative thoughts and behaviours. Say, “I’ll try” rather than “I can’t.” Say, “I’m unique” rather than “I’m not like others.” Negativity is way of pushing yourself down and disagreeing your own ability and talent. It makes you insecure and buries you in tha cave of inferiority.

believe, Thoughts reflect in our actions. If you need something from people, you love, you need to give them. If you need your colleague or a friend to be good with youyou need to be good with them. Similarly, if you expect things to happen bestgood and better you should think positive. You should be definite with your thoughts and logics.

Potential to have positive and desirable thoughts can be achieved only by practice and regularity. It’s not one day process or even one year process. It is something to be followed all through our life time. Enabling goodness in your life is possible only by the efforts of yours. Always welcome the vibes of positivity and the one that can push you higher and higher.

Negative thoughts can be like,

Thinking nothing or more


Fortune telling

Mind reading


Focusing over negativity 

Remember you can’t have a constructive life with negative mind. Think what you want to be not what you don’t want to. You build your reality!


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