Acne-No Scientific Solutions?


Acne, a painful headache for the people, especially for the adolescents. It’s actually thought that Medical science has a cure for almost every health issue, but no solution to this deadly problem, ‘Acne’.

As an assurance, this is merely a misconception, which has to be removed. There are lots of drugs and treatments to cure these. The kind of treatment varies according to the skin type and its sensitivity. Many drugs and creams are not believed to cure those pimples and are considered as a waste of money. But this is just a kind of false belief.


Due to these misconceptions, either people leave their treatments in the midway and stop using their creams/ointments or don’t do anything to treat their skin. Well, this makes it worse in that case.

Not to treat and to care for your skin is more harmful than trying out logical and good remedies. But the quality of the anti-acne products is surely not something to be ignored.

But what is the root cause of the ‘Acne’ issue? During the adolescence period and the early days of adulthood, due to unknown reasons, there are many hormonal changes in the body, which activates the sebum glands (modified oil glands). These glands are the largest and innumerable on the face, upper back and chest. Due to secretion of too much oil, the pores of the skin clog because of the accumulation of oil and dirt. Hence, this leads to blackheads, whiteheads, pimples and various skin lesions called zits.

This is purely a natural phenomenon and happens with everyone at an age. So this is not something to get frustrated of. On the contrary, the only thing that can cure one’s acne with the treatment and ointment gel/cream, no matter prescribed or non-prescribed, is PATIENCE. We cannot expect a change to happen in a jiffy. It takes time to cure, at least 6 to 8 weeks.

So lads and ladies out there, not to worry about your pimples. Medical Science is surely a field to be trusted on. Trust your creams/gels and wait for the results to happen. If the case is severe, surely consult a dermatologist and heal yourself. Never lose hope! Remember! Medical Science has the solution to almost all of your health-related problems. Trust your doctors and keep patient.



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