When Art Does not Transcend Religion


Earlier this year, there was a lot of excitement created by the announcement of Aamir Khan’s plans of adapting Mahabharata on the big screen. This magnum opus made several headlines, especially when rumours that Mukesh Ambani would produce the film. It was also being said that this was Aamir Khan’s dream project and the budget for the film could be as high as 1000 crores. But, it seems to appear that big names and huge numbers are not a guarantee that a film will go on floors, let alone ensure a hit.

In a rather disturbing incident, a Twitter user has tweeted saying that Aamir should not be allowed to be a part of the film since it was an adaption of a text sacred to the Hindu community. The user went on to say that ‘Muslims would not allow a Hindu to play Mohammed’. He even questioned the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, asking him if even he will ‘be quite’ like Congress in the name of secularism.

This incident clearly shows us that communalism is well alive and thriving in our country and the arts will not be spared of the detrimental effects of it. One cannot forget that an actor is just an actor at the end of the day. There is no logical reason as to why an actor only has to choose to play a character of the same religion or of similar political belief.

The lines that were drawn in the past in the name of religion, caste or community must now be erased. We must try to work towards a future where all religions are treated equally and has no bearing on the kind of work a person chooses to do. This is perhaps the only way we can truly achieve unity in diversity


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