Aamir Khan : From Nose Piercing to Red Turban!

Aamir Khan in Thugs of Hindostan
I remember watching Rang De Basanti‘s teaser and discussing with my brother how impressive it was. Then came 3 Idiots, and we swore we would take our parents for it. I remember hopelessly waiting for Talaash, wanting to go and watch it at a cinema hall when it released. And how could I forget to watch PK on the first day itself?
Such has been my reactions whenever Aamir Khan announced or came out with a new movie. And I am pretty sure yours are not going to be any different.

Aamir Khan as “Mr. Perfectionist”

Popularly proclaimed as ‘Mr. Perfectionist’, Aamir Khan never ceases to surprise the audience with every new release. Be it in terms of his choice of scripts (look at the variety from Andaz Apna Apna to Fanaa) to his physique (he almost seems unrecognizable from Ghajini to Dangal). Aamir Khan is a true actor who drives and delivers through every next release.
Agreed he does one film a year, but his work truly justifies his choices alongside satisfying his quest as an entertainer.

Thugs of Hindostan

And now, the actor is set to arrive at the big screen with his next film ‘Thugs of Hindostan‘. The film is rumored to be an adaptation of the 1839 novel The Confessions of a Thug. It is written by Philip Meadows Taylor and is scheduled to release by Diwali 2018.
Apart from Aamir, the film, being produced under the Yash Raj banner. It boasts an impressive cast which includes Big B, Katrina Kaif and his Dangal co-star Fatima Sana Shaikh.
While much hasn’t been revealed about the projects, tit-bits can be gathered through posts the casts make on their social media handles. Recently was revealed Aamir’s look for the same which has raised the curiosity of all fans alike.

Unique Appearances

Aamir is shown sporting multiple piercings on his nose, and ears. A look that must have cost him a lot, considering these are places that hurt a lot when pierced.  His look resembles that of a villager, successfully depicting men from the 19 century- the period the film is rumored to be set in.
Aamir Khan
Image Source: Nose Piercing

In another image rumored to be released from sets. He is seen wearing a red turban, and his handlebar mustache. Truly Indian in his appearance, there is yet to be an official acknowledgment of this new image.

Aamir Khan
Image Source: Red Turban & Mustache

Talking about his physique for Thugs of Hindustan, Aamir had earlier gone on record and said “After I finished shooting for Dangal, it was so tiring that I have let go a bit. Now, I’m cut down a bit, I don’t have 38% fat now. I want to get to 9%, but I don’t want to be muscular. In Thugs, my look is not like a wrestler’s  physique – big and broad shoulders and back. I want a more lean look.”

About Film

The film has been in the news for another reason. Recently, rumor mills went crazy claiming that the film is an Aamir Khan biopic, considering it is a story of a businessman who feels unsafe in the country but decides against leaving it, keeping in view the various business possibilities it offered. So Now, if you live in a different world and cannot figure out how this makes it an Aamir Khan biopic, I would like to draw your attention to the fact that not long ago, Aamir had stirred up a controversy saying his wife doesn’t feel safe in India. (Yeah, that same anti-national debate you saw for months on prime time news!)
Now we must acknowledge the superstar for always challenging himself and raising the bar, doing every possible thing to get into the character’s skin. I certainly cannot imagine a giggly Rancho from 3 idiots, or the hefty Mahavir Singh Phogat from Dangal as a pirate. But I’m sure Aamir will once again successfully break that mind-block and perfectly etch this new character in the viewers’ minds.


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