In the source of light,

It is about another life.

The way of birds sing and the blossom of flowers rings.

In the garden of mankind, a beautiful white rose was shone

The nightingale sings the love with the limelight

After seeing the white rose at the first sight.

When the bird propose the white rose

she feels joy but she loses.

The bird wants a reason for no?

She replies to become red rose now.

The bird thinks and told

If she becomes red rose

She’ll love him for the whole.

The flower gets excited and said yes

Nothing knowing what will happen at dark face.

In the midnight of moonlight

The bird got pain by the thorns of rose life.

To show the love of a true lover

The flowing of blood was like a shower.

Meanwhile, the blood darkens flower force

And she becomes so gorgeous red rose

When she tries to speak love for the bird,

He died on the ground for another birth.

The world is bound by the chain of love

It is not a way for the pain to serve

Is it about to gain joy from a star?

As friends, parents, teachers to the strangers.

Share all you have with

the needy so that no one tells deprived and neglected.

When we perceive that problems serve a purpose in our life

We will recognize that problems are opportunities in disguise.



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