A Seed is a Promise


“And that one talent which is death to hide,
Lodged with me useless..”

This is what John Milton, an English poet mentioned in his poem ‘On his Blindness’ when he was gradually losing his eyesight.

Imagine! You have been given a seed of a plant of rose and you have been asked to nurture it. What will you do? Of course, you will water it every day, care for it and you will foster the herb as if it’s your own child. And then, finally, the day will arrive, when you will see the buds bloomed into those beautiful alluring flowers.

But have you ever thought about the seeds which you bore inside your heart.. your mind? Yes, the seed of your thoughts, your interests, your passion.

How will you feel if someone asks you to crush those roses, uproot the plant and throw it in a deep valley, where it can never be seen again? Aren’t we doing the same with ourselves, or to be more precise, with our talents?

We are masquerading ourselves for that society which is always judgemental about our existence at every point of our lives. We waste our lives catering the discernment of the people, who won’t be with us forever, because eventually, what remains with us is neither the wealth, nor the lust; neither those kinships, nor the worsts, but only our flairs.

Your flairs are your seeds, and they promise you to take you to that position, which you deserve! Hence, believe in yourselves! Believe in your talents!

Life is beautiful! Life is precious! Don’t let yourselves shatter! Don’t let your dreams shatter! After all, they will be the ones to walk with you till the end!

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