A Rather Spooky Footage of an “One-Legged Ghost” is Now Viral in Social Media


A footage that gained four million plus views of the Facebook is a talk of the town these days. It is a spooky video that has some “one-legged ghost” visible in it. If the reports from “The Mirror” are to be cinsudered, the so called ‘one-legged ghost’ is of a child who has the appearance similar to Gong Goi’ from Thai mythology.

The video that shows the ‘one-legged ghost’ hopping on the road side was first shared on the social media by a user called Chantha Sitouluk. The ever increasing number of views has also brought in the discussion on the topic amidst many social media users.

Many of the users in fact, are actually convinced about the ghost being that of ‘Gong Goi.’ The video shows a car being pulled near the grassy area where the black and white apparition can be readily seen. The ghost is seen repeating only the two words off her mouth. ‘Gong Goi, Gong Goi.’


“Gong Goi” as per the Thai Mythology is a child ghost who is believed to be living in woods and jumps around like ghosts from Chinese mythology.

On one hand some of the social media users are convinced of the hopping figure being the ghost called Gong Goi. While there is also a big fraction of users who put forth the argue about the hopping figure being somebody dressed up as the mythological ghost.


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