Do you know, according to a study Zee Anmol has lead the market with 757 impressions?

Well, the Zee’s group Zee Anmol continues to lead the list of most-watched channels. 

It is an indisputable fact that amidst new shows, people are sparing time for the old ones as well and which is leading to considerable popularity –

A major comeback of Zee Anmol
A major comeback of Zee Anmol

Well, here are a few reasons as to why people are still preferring watching Zee Anmol –

  1. A break from the usual content – Usually, it is known that these days channels are repeatedly making the same content over and over again. They are not bringing any fresh ideas for the viewers and are replicating the same story differently. And since old content had emotions and values attached, hence the viewer can relate and is liking the content. That’s why viewers prefer Zee Anmol since they previously wanted what was telecasted and would like to see it again.
  1. Throwback to old memories – Apart from getting a break from the same content, viewers also like to recall the old memories and the past episodes. Since old is gold, and the ZEE5 viewers prefer the mature content, which has the meaning and connect with the viewers. They prefer walking down to the memory lane for that feeling of connection and reviving the old content. It is all about the way content was represented and how it touched the lives of ordinary people. That’s why viewers are still hitched to ZEE Anmol.
  1. Great Content – Above all, the viewer is only stick to a show or a channel because of the great content. These days, the audience has wised up. Hence the need is to produce engaging content which lets them come again and again.  Since everyone watches TV differently during the day and night, with their tastes, that’s why it is important to show with which the audience can react and engage with it. 

And that’s how Zee Anmol can make a comeback because of its strong game of content. 

The channel has also bagged the maximum viewership with engaging and valuable content. Know more about it here

About Zee Anmol

Launched by Zee Network, ZEE Anmol is an Indian Television channel which airs shows from Zee Entertainment Enterprises, Sahara One, 9X, Imagine TV and DD National. But, it mainly broadcast reruns of Zee TV. 

It is also positioned as No. 1 and is known as ‘Dil Choo Jaye’ since it has become the choice of emerging India. 

Currently, they are programming shows such as Banoo Main Teri Dulhan,  Tujh Sang Preet Lagayi, Choti Bahu, and many more. 

Want to know more updates on ZEE Anmol? Visit the channel for more insightful experience, now. I am sure you’ll not get disappointed because ZEE Anmol has exciting content to showcase. You can binge-watch your favourite tv shows from ZEE Anmol anytime and anywhere on ZEE5. 


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