A Love letter…

Love Letter

To many, she isn’t the most beautiful girl in the world, neither she has a great body.
She does not smile like an angel nor she has a voice of a Nightingale.
She does not have perfect hair nor she is intelligent……
but still, I love her!
I love her for what she is because I like her that way.
I love her for not being perfect because perfection is a myth and imperfection is omnipresent, imperfection is the truth, She is true.
I love her for being there when all the perfect people were happy with their perfect life.
I love her for her perfect timing in my messy, imperfect life.
I love her because I love her!



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I write what I think. My views are personal, if you like it well and good if you don't just ignore it and move on. I am a photographer, a professional one. Professionalism is all I have and I take it seriously. How professional am I? I can do my Girlfriend's Bridal Shoot. "Without Crying" In conclusion I would like to say that ignore what you don't like and Make India a tolerant country.


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