Radhika Kaushik, a famous anchor in the industry was an Indian journalist based in Jaipur. She was an employee of Zee Rajasthan in New Delhi. She used to live on rent in N-tower of Antriksh forest apartments. She was born on 6th of September 1993 in Jaipur. She completed her schooling from Tagore International schooling, Jaipur. She pursued her BA in English literature ICG The IIS university and after that, she moved to the Indian national capital for her Mass Communication course. She enrolled herself in the Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan at the KG Marg, New Delhi. She was unmarried young as well as a determined anchor who was always ready to face different challenges in her life.


The life of an Anchor is not easy and we all can depict this point from the life history of this young Anchor Ms. Radhika Kaushik. The resources updated that she died on 14th December 2018 by falling from the 4th floor of her flat balcony. This accident happened around 3.30 a.m. She organized a party in her flat on Thursday night. The guard of her colony told that the Radhika’s body was found lying on the ground. A man who claimed that he is his colleague asked for help and the security officer called the police and the case was with SHO of sector 49 police station Girija Shankar Tripathi. The reports of this case state that the alcohol bottles were found in the flat due to which she fell down but her parents claimed that their daughter was trapped in the four play and she was being murdered. Her death is a mystery for all the citizens. This case has become a case of fear and anxiety in the hearts of society. It is being said that she was having liquor with her journalist friend Rahul Awasthi and this is hard to believe that she committed suicide. It can be a well planned or unplanned murder or just a freak accident as she was under the influence of liquor.

Success in a person’s life brings happiness as well as fear because it increases the number of haters in our lives. This is sad truth of the community that no one here is able to digest other person’s success stories. This murder or accident case is a clear picture of the black phase of our society. In my point of view, it is hard to believe in the fact that this case is an accidental case because she was not alone at her home. She was with a boy and there are lots of questions based on this fact. What was he doing when she fell down from her balcony? Both of them were consuming liquor then why the only girl fell from the balcony and the major question is why she went towards the balcony? There are no valid answers which can satisfy these arising questions. This can also be possible that she had an argument with her so-called colleague about some issue and under the influence of alcohol he might have pushed her due to which she fell down or it can also be possible that she was in the heights of success and was a sensation in the journalism department and in the jealousy, her friend who claimed that he works with her in the office intentionally murdered her in obsession. No one knows the actual truth about this mysterious murder story but this is a sad reality that we have lost a good and hardworking Anchor who dreams were quite bigger than her life.


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