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When a person says that they were almost late for class, there is that touch of panic that is present in their voice. One should try this while being sleep-deprived. Then the term ‘full-blown’ panic comes in use. As I live really far from college, I need to get up early to catch the morning bus. I, as everyone is aware of, am a night person. I stay up till around 12 at night no matter how tired I am (this is when I have no work). During one of the days I had to stay up late to finish some work, the bus comes in late. Not only am I really tired, but I might also be late for class. Sitting on the bus as loud music to keep me awake blares in my ears, my mind starts to wonder to every worst scenario as to what the consequences might be for coming late to class. Finally, when I couldn’t take any more of it, I got down and caught an auto. This, maybe due to my hyperventilating, did not seem to fare any better.

To take my mind off things, I had generated a habit of observing everything around me to keep my mind occupied. This could be from school kids sitting at the bus-stop to people jogging or even walking their dogs. This morning, however, I had seen a dog with a newspaper in its mouth leading its master. This incident managed to get my mind away for a bit as I marvelled at how smart the dog was. Being someone with a vivid imagination, I tend to create stories out of any picturesque these scenes project.

Though, what ought to have taken twenty minutes took close to forty minutes for me to reach class. As my luck would have it, the auto man had taken me through places I didn’t know saying it was shorter and faster. Now added to being sleep-deprived and late, I could add scared to that list. It felt as if that one morning all the odds were against me. Keeping my phone close to me and my umbrella as a weapon I waited to some sign of familiarity which I finally got ten minutes later. Somehow the auto driver had managed to drop me write in front of college without me even realising it.

Left with only ten minutes to spare I ran up three flights of stairs, ignoring the security guy who kept shouting at me to show my id card. Suddenly I was wide awake and full of energy. I was glad this was a Wednesday as this meant I had a full day ahead allowing me to make use of all that adrenaline pent up from such a frustrating morning. When it came right down to it. One could see that I had sent only forty-five minutes on the road, rather than the normal half an hour to forty minutes that it would usually take

Later when I sat in class and looked back, it made me realise that this was not the first time I had hyperventilated over being late. True that one should always be on time and never procrastinate, the is still that essence of what a person goes through especially when they are in an institute where attendance is given extreme importance. Unlike Christ college, where one can bug their attendance, ST. Joseph’s does not allow any of its student to miss their attendance because once lost, it takes a lot of effort from both the student and teachers side to make up for it. Here is where extra credits are beneficial. That day showed me how important sleep was to me. Yet I still have the habit of sleeping late. This is the proverb “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” comes in handy, though I wouldn’t call myself an old dog. Even the phrase ‘old habits die hard’ would be relevant.

Though I know for a fact I would miss this when I finally graduate, that rush when doing something last minute is something that I would give up gladly no matter what anyone says. Yet he is still that part where one has to break past a lot of barriers to be able to remind themselves that this is not the first time something like it has happened and I really doubt that it would be the last.


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