Well, we all know how to duplicate medicine scam, drug addiction, and unawareness about medicine are affecting the society in a corrupt manner. There is an immediate need to take control of the same and tackle all these concerns. Hence, here comes the vital role of Pharmacy.

The students who really want to help the society in curbing these issues can opt for Bachelor of Pharmacy. Bachelor of Pharmacy is an initial step to diminishing the above problems. It gives you the opportunity to suppress those issues and find a solution. 

Bpharm is the study of the medical field with an objective to co-relate the health science and chemical science. It plays an essential role in curing health problems and making a better life. The course comes with an understanding of compounds and various drugs. The study also deals with the mixing of tablets, ointments, etc.

Now that we have started a thorough insight into the pharmaceutical sector let us explore career opportunities after the Bachelor of Pharmacy.

Career Opportunities after Bachelor of Pharmacy – 

The students with a degree of Bachelor of Pharmacy have a wide range of career opportunities. Here are some career options one can choose –

  • Sales and Marketing – Anyone with excellent communication skills and a great personality can get an opportunity to be a Sales Representative. The organizations usually prefer candidates who have completed their degree in B Pharm as they have knowledge about the medication practices, impacts, and components of medicine. The students can reach up to the level of MD, Zone Administrator, or item supervisor.
  • Research and Development – This occupation incorporates growing new methods and present the better ones. In India, generally, organizations prefer freshers who can keep a thorough check on upcoming patents. The organizations usually prefer who have gained knowledge through primary and secondary sources. 
  • Drug Inspector – The work of Drug Inspector is to identify and control the medication robbery. They have the right to take the necessary steps against the chemist, who is giving any duplicate drugs to patients. 

These days, there are more than 2000 cases of the racket of duplicity. Hence, the work of the medication investigator has expanded. 

  • Pharmacist – Pharmacists are in charge of acquiring therapeutic items and supplies which are used as a part of the clinic. The student who has completed a Bachelor of Pharmacy can also work in healthcare centers, hospitals, nursing homes, etc. 
  • Analytical Chemist – The role of the Analytical Chemist is to analyze the drug substances or medicines, which is further used for various methods such as electrochromatography, elite fluid chromatography, and spectroscopy. The role is to develop new analytical methods, analyze and interpret ways, etc. 
  • Custom Officer – A custom officer checks the authenticity of products which are brought crosswise. They make sure that there is no importation of hazardous drugs such as guns, drugs, vulgar material, etc. They keep in touch with ports and airplane terminals to keep a regular check. 
  • Drug Therapist – We all know that these days, there are a lot of drug addiction cases, and youth is getting more inclined towards it. Hence, a Drug therapist helps individuals to recover from addictions and move ahead in life with an aim. 

Hence, the above list of career opportunities should be enough to know about several occasions. Need to know more? You can visit this link to understand the scope after the Bachelor of Pharmacy. 

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