“Passion is a positive obsession.

Obsession is a negative passion.”

What is stalking?

According to the Cambridge dictionary, stalking is “the crime of illegally following and watching someone over a period of time.”

The person involved in the act of stalking is known as a stalker.

With increasing ways such as social media, different informative apps, stalking has become easier than ever. I am pretty sure that you have someone who you don’t know but that person certainly knows everything about you.

Stalking or the idea of stalking is generally initiated by obsessing over someone and even if it does not leave any physical injuries it may cause some permanent psychological problems such as PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) among other things such as paranoia, withdrawal, sleepless.

The casualties show how serious the problem really is and what can happen when obsession overrules reason,” says psychiatrist Dr. Yusuf Matcheswalla of Mumbai’s Masina Hospital, who treats stalkers and counsels those who have been stalked.

Rightfully said by Dr. Yusuf Matcheswalla of Mumbai’s Masina Hospital, who treats stalkers and provides counseling to the victims of same act that the problem begins when obsession overrules reason.

The term stalking in current time is taken very lightly usually pertaining to someone stalking a person on social media before hiring them or going out with them etc. However, it has a much darker meaning.

Several cases are not reported because the victims either don’t take the threat seriously or are too embarrassed to mention it to friends and family, leave alone the police.

In a session with psychiatrists over various issues, one of them raised a question that what makes a stalker so obsessive in the first place that he feels entitled enough to look into a private routine of the victim.

One of the Dr. Replied that “All stalkers are psychologically unstable, either delusional that the person is in love with them or with an undiagnosed psychosis that makes them fixated on somebody,”

Most stalkers can be defined as sociopaths who do not find it embarrassing to be called out publicly and hence they never seek treatment.

They can pretty much rationalize their behavior and become indifferent to the sufferings of their victims.

The main help that one could receive is to report it immediately.

However, the actual struggle is overcoming the fear that a stalker sets in the mind of victims.

Fear, trauma, paranoia, thoughts of being killed or killing oneself, doubting one’s own character and wondering ‘Did I provoke it’, are some overbearing thoughts that plague the minds of victims.

In order to protect oneself from such offenses, one should seek some precautions and be alert at all times while encountering the same face. The most important thing is to trust one’s gut feeling or instinct.

And to never ever downplay cause of discomfort or threats.



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