Floods in Paris

floods in Paris
  • Dristi Banaudha

The River Seine had continued to rise in Paris on Thursday as it headed towards the 6-metre mark. Famous museums of the capital were taking emergency measures and prevention and transport fraternity said that the part of a major train line would remain closed for a week.

        Though it’s stopped raining in Paris in recent days the level of the River Seine which is flowing through the capital continued to rise on Thursday. Roads and paths along the river already flooded days ago and have been closed off since long. River traffic has been halted for long on the Seine, which is normally packed with tour boats and owners of the city’s picturesque are worrying whether their vessels might be lifted onto the quays. The RER C train line which runs alongside the river has been suspended in the central section. Transport fraternities declared on Wednesday that the train line would remain cut until 31st January, i.e., there will be no RER C services at the following stations: Saint-Michel Notre Dame, Musée d’Orsay, Invalides, Pont de I’Alma, Champ de Mars, Avenue de Président Kennedt and Boulainvilliers.

All Metro stations are currently open despite being affected by the floods, especially on line 7 where tracks are filled with water all over. Sandbags have been piled up at the Pont Neuf station, on the right bank of the river. On Thursday the level of the Seine river had reached up to 5.4 meters at 6 am, but it has been predicted that it will keep on rising until Saturday when it is forecast to peak at around 6.2 meters. The water level is rising at a rate of 2cm per hour. The famous Zouave statue on the Pont d’Alma bridge which has been used as a gauge to evaluate the water level of the river has water overlapping around his knees. It’s predicted that his thighs by the end of Thursday will be well and truly soaked.

        Paris is also known as ‘Fashion capital’ and is one of the famous cities globally. It is my favourite city of all time. Hearing this news I am really astonished. After all it’s winter and now the flood. It is going to be a remarkable winter for the citizens of Paris. All I can say is stay blessed stay safe!




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