• Drishti Banaudha.

According to current TOI reports, disqualification of 20 AAP MLAs for holding “office of profit” as parliament secretaries has been recommended to Election Commission(EC) and will be mooted by them only. It’s like “mini-election” to be held in the country’s capital.

This disqualification can lead to a massive reduction of AAP’s majority in the Delhi assembly. The recommendation of EC’s is communicated to the president i.e., Ram Nath Kovind on Friday. And technically it’s expected by him to refer it to the “Home ministry”

  Moreover, MLAs has received relief from the court because the process of disqualification could be seen by the election which is going to be held in the next six months. These polls are going to be a serious test for Arvind Kejriwal’s government from BJP in order to establish his foot as it holds all 7 parliament seats.


  • What is “office of profit”?

If an MLA or MP is holding a government office and he or she is receiving benefits from it then that office is referred to as “office of profit”. A person will be disqualified if he or she is holding an office of profit in the central or state government unless and until if the office declares to not to disqualify it’s holder by passing a law by Parliament or State legislature.

 If disqualifications will happen in reality then it will be a great step in the development of our country through politics. Though, I am not much shocked after reading this news. As a respected citizen of India I have a freedom of speech so I can put my opinion and according to me, AAP party is more into corruption than being into anti-corruption. I only appreciate theirs’ “ODD EVEN” formula for controlling traffic in Delhi but into money matters, it’s not a first time that they’re being highlighted for this kind of accusations. Hope so! That home ministry wouldn’t be biased.


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