Equality for Men

Indian men
  • Kimberly Okesalako

This clarion call of “equality for men” is a baffling mystery, because the traditional and well-founded belief and truth is that it is the woman who should give equal status. Men deserve no more status than they have already have misappropriated. Check this in Indian context!

I proceed to vehemently oppose the issue that men should be given equal status. This seems to be a case of the offence being better than defence. The ancient lawmakers were all men, men who manipulated women, their manner, dress code, social status and economic equations and women from the time before man accepted everything with total resignation.

The biological edge that men have over a woman has long clinched the matter of sexual superiority. Has anyone heard of average woman molesting an average man, the woman burning men for dowry and if yes, probably one in a million cases.

The fact has come to say that women must pay a price for their upkeep as wives and mothers, be it dowry or a shave in the burden of breadwinning.

The Indian Society was a patriarchal society in which only male lineage was preferred and the sole inherit ant of the property was the son. Widows were considered a black mark and were allowed to remarry while widowers were hardly despised and married freely.

Polygamy was the order the order of the day, until recently, but polyandry was frowned upon or practically unheard of. If men are badgering for paternity, leave or seats in buses where woman have reservations, then let us grant them these desires, pronto, because these are the only areas where they can claim equality.

In conclusion, I say with conviction that men deserve no more status than they already have and moreover, it’s been biologically proved that there can be no equality, either way, you see it, and right goes the calisaya  saying “Behind every successful man lies a woman telling him what to do”



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