Molestation Crime: The Saddest Truth!

Molestation Crime

        Walking all alone she should feel totally protected

    Not in any fear of being molested

      Instead of staring, eyes should be blinking

      Because small isn’t her clothes but your thinking.

Molestation Crime

Everything has two sides- the outside that is ridiculous and inside that is solemn. The same is seen in the context of our country’s mother, sister’s and daughter’s molestation. Yes, Molestation is a Severe Crime. This is the same place where our goddess is worshiped while a human form of the same is brutally assaulted and raped. Calling our country as developed with on average 92 women being raped daily puts us on shame. We live in a country where girls are themselves blamed for the ill act against them. And the malefactor roams free over the streets destroying a girl’s life.

Even the Kids are not Safe

Kids are not Safe
Image Source: Kids are not Safe

Often the blame of “inducing” is levied upon the victim for ill practice against her. But, can we forget our worthy country mates Rajendra and Jagdish? Those who brutally raped a 9 year and a 3-year-old girl. Can these daughters really provoke or incite a man? Surely not. The instances are not just limited to 2. We have a far fledged list which shows the dignity that the women of our country hold.

Our Vulnerable Laws

Despite the laws against the violation of sexual autonomy, the criminals roam free. So, in order to further strengthen the rape laws, various steps in the form of amendments are taken. But alas, any decline in the rape or assault has not been seen yet. Rape is the 4th most witnessed crime. Our head should be crouched in shame to know that 99.3% of the total rapes accused is known to the survivor.

Safe Society
Image Source: A Safe Society

The most ferocious possible punishment should be awarded to the accused which should deter others in even thinking for the same. We live in a country where a girl is neither safe inside womb nor outside. Molestation Crime should not be accepted and It’s our duty to make the environment as safe as possible. So that it’s not our girl the next, who will face the consequences.

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