7 Signature Style Pieces

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If you are a teenager who is experimenting with style or a 30 something old woman, there are some signature style pieces that you should look for, that you feel represent you truly.

A Classic Shoe

It doesn’t matter if you’re a sneaker girl or more of a heels person, you should have a go-to shoe that represents your style, is versatile and never goes out of fashion.

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A Timeless Piece of Accessory

It can be a bracelet, a watch or a bag that you know you’re always going to love. You can wear it with anything and it can be your own signature accessory.

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A Signature Makeup Look

It is always fun to experiment with makeup and change your looks but there should be something that describes you. Maybe it’s a winged liner or your go-to lip color.

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Your Personal Scent

It is very important to have your own signature scent. A perfume that you have always loved, that you wear on special occasions.

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Signature Piece of Jewelry

As you grow up, you should have a signature piece of jewelry that you never take off. It can be a ring, a pendant or a bangle. It can even be your family heirloom that you can pass on to your kids later.

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A Trusty old jacket or blazer

A jacket or blazer or coats are pieces that you invest in, that you know you’re going to wear for years to come. For example, a black leather jacket is something that always stays in style. Buy your go-to piece of jacket or coat that you can just throw on, that will go out with everything.

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A Classis Black Dress

A black dress is something that never goes out of style. You can wear it to any party, an event, your workplace etc. Invest in one that suits your body type and which you can wear even years later.

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