Looking back at all the 90’s records, the first thing that comes to our minds are the games we dearly miss to play with our handful of friends in the park or in the school. Reminiscing those good old days back again, here is a set of 10 games that will surely bring a smile on your face, pressing the rewind button of your life, compelling you to say “Those were the days man”.


Putting up a stack of 7 marble stones, on a brick and one team desperately trying to dismantle the alleged tower, while the other team desperately trying to either catch the ball or hit the opponent before the latter can manage to pull all the blocks together back into the stack, giving the team a winning point.

  1. Stepu/ Hopscotch

Well given more than the mentioned names, hopscotch used to be a very popular game, especially among girls , stepping over 8 different types numerous times, every time with a different rule was definitely something we would like to try back with our now office rigid bodies.

  1. Newspaper game.

The traces of this game can still be found in a lot of kid’s birthday parties, where we were easy contenders of the game back in young age. Now either we utmost refrain from attending a kid’s birthday party or even if our mother drags into one forcefully, we sit with a bored expression scrolling endlessly and meaninglessly through our Instagram or Facebook.

  1. Air and Land (Ucch-neech ka papada)

The best part about this game was the little song that we used to sing tormenting the person whose about to chase the opponents with utmost mischief and teasing him around, bad luck for the person who got caught and has the turn now to catch around children fluctuating between land and air like a bulb.

5 Chain-Chain

Game which keeps on getting more complicated and interesting as the number of people tied in a chain keeps on increasing; this game is certainly one to make a mark in the list of all the beautiful memories.

  1. Raja-Mantri-Chor–Sipahi

One of the most loved chit games running throughout generations, children sure get excited even today and all the adults go into full nostalgic mode reminiscing all the wins and fights involved.

  1. Casual Cricket

Forgetting all the rules of the actual cricket game, casual cricket or rather more famous as bat-ball was all about fun and little to almost a big NO to the rules. The “mera bat, meri first batting “, being the most prominent one .


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