Here are five tech inventions that will make you rethink the difference between science fiction and reality.
1.CUBIC: Ever felt alone staying at the house or in a hostel? Then this gadget is for you.This gadget will speak with you as though it was your friend.You can ask anything and it will surely answer you.Starting from waking you up in the morning, to adjusting the room temperature, to suggesting atch shows like “Game of Thrones”, thus little gadget can do a lot of stuff for you.Not only can you communicate with it at home but also elsewhere using a a badge that comes with it.

2.SMART BEAM: Do you have a great movie in your smart phone and want to show it to all your buddies?Then this is the perfect gadget you would need to do so.This smart gadget will let you connect to the smart phone and project the videos for you.It not only simply display the videos but also does so with an incredible quality of 35 ANSI Lumens.
Also it’s battery charging lasts over a long time and all this at an incredible weight of 129 grams.

3. TAKEE: Cutting edge technology shouldn’t a part of only the geeky community right? Everybody should have the access to great tech such as the phenomenal holographic technology.TAKEE is the world’s first smart phone that can project holographic images and videos making the user awestruck.It uses an eye tracking technology to achieve the great results.Don’t believe ? Try it yourself then.

4.CIRCE: shower .With the Circuit bracelet do what you used to do in your tablet but directly on your skin.You can use this even while having shower.So basically using this wearable technology you can do all that you generally do use a smartphone but in a more stylish way.

5.DOLFI: Have you ever spoiled your clothing by washing them with the other clothes?Or did your washing machine over wash your favourite shirt and lost it’s glory? Then you must try Dolfi, which is the world’s smallest washing machine used to remove all the dirt with the use of ultrasonic technology. Just add your shirt in a sink or a bucket, add a detergent and put Dolfi in the same bucket and leave the rest to it. Within mere 30 minutes, your clothes will look clean and fresh without losing it’s lustre.



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