5 Skincare Mistakes You Should Avoid

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Not Cleaning Your Brushes

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Not cleaning your makeup brushes regularly is one of the worst things you can do to your skin. Unclean brushes lead to growth of bacteria. So when you directly use them on your face it can lead to breakouts and other skin problems. Also cleaning your makeup brushes regularly gives you the best application of your makeup. If you can’t find a proper brush cleaning formula, you can always use some baby shampoo.

Not Moisturizing

Many people don’t take moisturizing seriously. They only moisturize when their skin feels dry or in the winters. But moisturizing your face is something you should do every day at least twice. It doesn’t matter the weather or your skin type, moisturizing is a key step of skincare routine. A lot of people who have acne prone skin or oily skin think moisturizing will just make matters worse but that is a misconception. If you don’t moisturize, your skin will actually produce more oil as a defense and that will just make things worse.

Not Using Sunscreen

A lot of us don’t tend to use sunscreen on our face. But it is important that we use sunscreen whenever we go out, especially in India’s summer season. The sunscreen will not only protect your skin from harmful sun rays but will also slow down the aging process and lead to less wrinkles in the longer run.

Not Changing Your Pillow Cover Regularly

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This is something we don’t realize we are doing. When you do not change your pillow cover regularly, it obviously accumulates dust, bacteria and absorbs the oil from your skin. All this gets transferred to your skin when you’re sleeping and as a result leads to breakout and clogged pores.

Sleeping With Your Makeup On

Sleeping with your makeup has very bad consequences for your skin. If you don’t remove your makeup before you go to sleep, the makeup will clog your pores and lead to breakouts. It will also dry out your skin. Studies also show that sleeping with your makeup on ages your skin equivalent of 3 days in one night. So no matter how tired or lazy you are, wash your makeup off before your sleep.


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