5 habits that programmers have in common

No Fear
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What I always thought of programmers:

I have been running away from programming lessons, all my life. After all, there are people who don’t like to code. Why code when we can do anything of our choice..? I spoke exactly the same until I met some super brilliant programmers for my upcoming project. We have a pre-fetched image of programmers in our mind. Programmers are considered those species of humankind who have no real life. They sit in front of computer screens for very long time, making codes of more than two hundred lines. Having a good observation power, I found that there are several things that all the programmers have in common. Some of their personal traits are:

They make flow charts mentally:
Flow chart of life
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Programmers make flow charts before writing a single line of code. It makes them think more logically. Flowchart creates a visual representation in which every problem is considered in a block and it has two or more ways to get escape.

In real life, you may see a programmer sitting idle on the desk but you never know what they are thinking about. They might be thinking about ways to pay the bills, buy a home or some other important life decision. They never jump to the conclusion and believe in following algorithms. Programmers keep on making creative flow charts and have a better virtual approach for each situation. They break complex task and divide it into manageable ones.

Programmers are well-organized:


Cable holder
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Programmers are a lot more organized than their other team-mates. They have well-labeled files stored safely in shelves. Different blocks for the cables to be used and separate columns for frequently used documents. It is seen that a programmer keep his things in right places. It saves their time and also increases their accuracy of completing a task, be at home or workplace.

They are prepared for everything:

Prepared for anything
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A programmer uses certain blocks of code  (known as “functions”) and reuses them in multiple programs. These functions are saved as a program “module”.So these modules are entered in future programs. This smart insertion of code saves a lot of time.

In real life too, they keep the basic things ready, for any of the tasks they do. If they are cooking, then they will keep their veggies washed already or well chopped. For any task, they have something already done that helps them to complete their work before time.

They always have a Plan B:


Plan B
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Many things in life are associated with each other. These interlinked things represent a loop. This loop can be an infinite loop as well.  Programmers are very well aware with the infinite loops. It is not likely to use infinite loops in programs. This condition should never reach if everything is working right. If the things are not working right, then programmer always comes up with the second plan.

Just as if a programmer have plans to party this weekend, along with the planning of party, he/she will also think about the worst condition that can cancel the plan. In that case, they are the quickest ones to come up with a new idea. Savior of all..!

Frees up memory when the tasks are completed:

Free space
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A programmer clears memory after a program is completed. Spaces that are not in current use are always freed up by programmers.Look at their well-categorized folders or even their cell phones, they have a clean and clear track of everything.

They never believe in collecting things that will consume any of the useful space. Even if we don’t like to code, we should have some of these habits to get well-organized in our professional and personal lives.

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    • Well creativity does not depends on branch of engineers, we are born creative..! Creative people find their inspiration in almost everything.


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