5 Budget Hacks to Travelling Like a Boss!

Travel Boss
  • Surbhi Jain

If you’re someone who loves globetrotting, the budget would definitely be one of your main concerns. There are these awesome budget hacks that will make planning for a gateway so much fun!


  • Collect coupons!

Are you aware of the fact more than 50% of most international travel budgets are the money spent on flying? If you’re looking to travel smart and cut on your expenses, being smart about how and when you book your flights is the first step. Ideally, one should start looking for flights about 7-8 weeks before your trip as the fare is usually on the economic side. With the online market getting competitive by the day, it’s never a wise decision to shy away from coupons, gifts cards and discount opportunities provided by many companies.


  • Homestay is everything!


Luxury is overrated. Most people tend to confuse comfort with luxury and end up paying through their nose for the latter in fear of not having the former. If you know your necessities well, you can stay anywhere. Stay with local people. If you’re flexible enough, staying with locals can be a great way to travel anywhere and that to be free!


  • Using of public transport


Travel is expensive. When you’re in another country and don’t know the language that well, taking private transport becomes as good as allowing yourself in danger. When visiting tourist places, always use public transport, as they are cheap and full of adventure.


Travel Boss
                                                      Apply these hacks and be a – Travel Boss!


  • Don’t be afraid of street food


Before you say it’s not safe, just to remind that it’s nigh impossible to be sure of the quality of food in a place you know nothing about. When you shun street food, you’re not only choosing a more expensive option but also missing out on some of the most lip-smacking local delicacies of a place.


  • Live like Locals!

One of the worst-kept secrets in the world is how being more approachable and friendly along with always sporting a smile is a universal way to people’s hearts. When you travel to a place, the culture of which is unknown to you, make it a point to know as much as possible about the way in facilitation many of your experiences!


So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and get ready for another trip.





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